I attended my first yoga class for fun in 1998 in Melbourne, then frequented classes at various Gyms and community centres until 2003 when I moved to Sydney and a friend introduced me to a local dedicated Yoga studio.  I always enjoyed yoga class, but I didn't know exactly why, and it took a commitment to regular practice to begin to understand what was transpiring.  

Having always been a melancholic loner, I started feeling inexplicably happy. This internal joy built as did my confidence and zest and soon I was smiling at strangers, socialising at the bus stop, and making new friends everywhere.  The walls came down and I finally felt like I had arrived in the world.  Life was somehow elevated and I could manage whatever the day threw at me.  I wanted to share this feeling with everyone.  

In 2006 I began the teaching journey with Acharya Upendra Roy in Classical Hatha Yoga.  Transitioning from student to teacher was a tumultuous journey.  I realised how little I actually knew about the yoga that was teaching me so much about myself.  After that, I did every training course and workshop I could, never satisfied that I knew enough.  From 2008, my whole life focus shifted and I found Gurus that offered real Yoga wisdom philosophically and in practice.  With these relationships began a commitment of ongoing daily study and a life commitment to learn, live and practice the Yoga way of Life.


I started attending a variety of Yoga classes in 2008, chopping and changing but never committing to one style or practice. Attending Sacred Yoga in 2013 marked a turning point and lead me to a commitment to regular practice. The mental space and stability that this cultivated has been invaluable and altered my outlook on life on many levels. I found that yoga is both a state you can experience and the practice with which to get you there.


With Antonetta's encouragement and guidance, I undertook a teacher training in 2018 with Simon Borg-Oliver and Bianca Machliss’ Yoga Synergy School. Their training further opened me up to an understanding beyond the physical postures of Yoga and has further stoked the burning desire to learn more about the Yogic path.  I am grateful and inspired by all of my teachers thus far for providing me with a living example of what it means to follow and live authentically in Yoga.

The modern world can feel fast paced and stressful. I hope to offer people space from their everyday existence to come, relax and restore and then in turn take some of these yogic principles and apply them to their own lives. I am at the beginning of my teaching journey and I look forward to growing and learning with you. See you at Sacred Yoga soon.